Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Millenium Post - #50 - 2006 - Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes

This is the thousandth post , that's one thousand times I've written something to put on here. On thousand times something has fallen out of my brain to fall through my fingertips via my computer keyboard to hit the screen for you to read  now. I've tried blogging by phone , I believe there is one post that I put on completely via voice input on one of my phones. Since I started this I've learned lots , met lots of new friends , been all around this country but essentially not left the UK shoreline apart from the odd trip to Ireland. I do like writing and sometimes it meanders aimlessly but sometimes great things come out of it. Sometimes it's a one liner an observation or something more. I take inspiration from lots of things . The letters A F J K L are special and inspirational to me.


I've have 97 thousand page views that means every thing I write gets seen my nearly a hundred people and maybe robots. The most read piece is an appalling piece about Lion Poo . The one I would linke to be high up is the one with the Christopher Lee video , the now sadly missed great man.

I know this is a bit of a retrospective and I need to look forward as well as back . I have never stood still and always want to experience new thing sand meet new people , but also enjoy being unpressured.

I started this blog of with travel in mind hence the Seven Days In motif , but it soon became a way of recording and remembering things that caught my mind and someone pointed out that they thought it was Seven Day Sin knowing my reputation (some reputation of which I am totally unaware, I was brought up by Jesuits and  I am a very good person)

Anyway I think there was a band called called Seven Day Sin but I cant find any trace of them any more

The song that I am going to choose for the Millennium Post is The Clash's White Man In Hammersmith Palais , just because I love it so much. This isn't part of the Oddysey that comes in Part 2 put this is a truly monumental song.

So that's it


What next , will I hit ten thousand ? Probably not , but I am determined to keep writing and have an absolutely brilliant time.

Right that's the main part of the post here's the next installment in The Odyssey:

This is proof that that there is always brilliant music around whatever the year is. It may scare you that this is almost ten years old . So year 50 in 2006 brings us to Steady As She Goes By The Raconteurs. Brilliant stuff.

Have a brilliant Sunday afternoon everyone.

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