Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Look Out For Your Friends, Give Them A Hug - #59 - 2015 - The Men That Will Not Be Named For Nothing - Not Your Typical Victorian

It's dark , it's cold and this is the sort of time when bad things can seem much much worse. Tonight I will be joining a march protesting against the austerity cuts by this idiot spiteful government who it this time of austerity have suddenly found billions to bomb the hell out of the people they supplied with weapons in the first place, the rally details are here.

Actually I have no problem with self imposed austerity , say of you want to save for a holiday or something major but you do not impose it on others to try and mask your own failings or just to fund your own extravagances ... like wars.

The thing is there may be friends who are having a hard time , try phoning them , take them out for a meal or a coffee,  buy them a small present , let them know you care. There will be someone out there who probably needs you , don't leave it to someone else, you do it , and if someone suddenly gets ten phone calls well that is all well and good.

Well the Odyssey his the final shore , year 59 and this year 2015. This year I can think of loads of records that have been released but I must say it has been more and more difficult to find stuff in the standard top 100 chart. These records are not my favourites although I do like them all. This morning I though of at least ten that I could choose today . In the run up to Christmas I may continue with records I missed because I am surprised there are no Beach Boys , Rolling Stones , Hawkwind , Kinks  and many many more. Anyway the number one that I've chosen is "Not Your Typical Victorian" by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing , maybe simply because I saw them last Friday (review here) and I love this song.

Have a fantastic Tuesday and look out for your friends.

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