Thursday, 12 November 2015

Thursday Is Here - FOUR - #46 - 2002 - Feeder - Just The Way I'm Feeling

Thursday is here . Had a potential disaster in that my phone battery seems to be draining rather too
quickly , so that means a trip into town to get a new one today . The thing is I had a slight panic because not having your phone cuts you off from things you want to have access to , as well as making things inconvenient because things aren't immediately to hand . Still all will be fine and by lunchtime I should be back to normal.

A friend sent me the image , absolutely amazing . I love it

That was a slight blip and I am going to have a wonderful day today , there will be a lot of hard work, but I have a great circle of friends all over the world who I can talk to , chat with and meet and it's always a good thing to contact people for any reason , to make sure they are ok and look out for them

Anyway the Odyssey reaches year 46 and the singles charts in 2002 are particularly awful , so bad I almost chose an Oasis song, but checked out the albums chart, and saw Comfort In Sound by Feeder was released in 2002 , so "Just The Way I'm Feeling" was an obvious choice.

Have a brilliant Thursday everyone.

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