Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday Service - #57 - 2013 - David Bowie - The Next Day

Was woken up this morning by the sound of seagulls. I'm not in Whitby I am ten miles inland from the coast. I went out and it's grey and raining slightly . It's Sunday morning and I do have a lot to do today , deliveries to take and people to see and thinks to dispose of. It is November and we have had a bit of sun , but days are getting shorter. In fact this morning I got up and was wandering round and half an hour later had to start switching the lights on.

Seen some newspaper headlines this morning, which are absolutely exasperating makes me want to start my Mr Angry blog , but I don't do anger so I will calm down and do something positive, but it amazes me that a government can always find money to pays it's arms dealers but not to look after the people who effectively put it into power. There rant over.

The Next Day
The Odyssey reaches 2013 year 57 and it that year David Bowie released an unannounced album The Next Day , his first in ten years. It had not been particularly done in secret , it's just that no one apparently noticed , and it was an absolutely excellent album, well worth buying and everyone with any sense went out and got their hands on a copy. I've chosen the title track and apologise if you have to log in to see the video as it contains religion , BDSM, blood and lots of other great fun stuff. It's the first time I have seen the video despite buying the album when it came out and like almost everything Bowie does I am very impressed with it.

I also loved the recycled cover art of The Next Day referencing "Heroes" (possibly his finest song).

His next album Blackstar comes out in January but you can download the title track and pre order it now here.

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone.

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