Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Foggy Morning - #37 - 1993 - House of Pain - Jump Around

We are into November , heading towards Guy Fawkes Night and wishing that maybe this year he could succeed. Outside the fog is making it look cold and grey and unwelcoming unlike yesterdays eventual sun. There is a Music Quiz Tonight that I am wandering out to which is bonfire night related and I was just thinking of how relatively civilized  that night has become. In the seventies idiots would think nothing of chucking lighted fireworks , bangers and worse through people's letter boxes. I was guilty of the odd gate swapping and pinching as well as playing knock-a-door run. So anyway it's over for this year and we can sleep without fear of door knocks with small people asking for sweets until we get the Christmas Carol singers round. Oh dear , it's only November and I have already mentioned the 'C' word.
Horse Race

Oh and Australia's Melbourne Cup ran a few hours back and I lost a few pennies as the favourite came in a out tenth and Pride of Penzance won , the first win by a lady rider in that race.

The Odyssey continues into year 37 and the 1993 charts contained a lot of rubbish , but Jump Around by House of Pain is a great record and was one of half a dozen possibilities , though as I write this the Jam's Eton Rifles is playing on Radio 6 so this morning is jammed full of amazing music.

Have a totally amazing Tuesday everyone.

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