Monday, 23 November 2015

Dark Morning, Waiting For The Light - #58 - 2014 - Royal Blood - Ten Tonne Skeleton

I have to be thankful in my new job that I see a lot more of the day, both during working hours and at the ends of the day , however I look out the window now and it's dark and I know by the time I get home it will be dark. However this is the nature of this planet and where I am located. This time last year I knew I was going to be leaving my old job and looking forward to whatever new things came my way. Some people see things as being the end when they just are new beginnings and since leaving my old job I have been involved in volunteering work with Oxfam , a start up company with Geek Talent and met an amazing number of great new friends. Part of this is due to the near 60 hours a month that I used to spend traveling to and from work , that's a working week and half for me to actually play with , how absolutely brilliant is that? I had an interview which seemed like a dream job in Durham which I never heard back from , but my new job is five minutes from my front door and enables me to deal with chores like doctors and hospital visits within a very supportive work framework. A friend in America recently started a new job m and he little girl was ill , her employer sent her home to look after her daughter until her daughter was better. That employer was supportive and that by that act it gained extra loyalty from my friend , a very sensible and caring act.

So we know the light will come if we prepare ourselves when things are dark. God that sounds pretentious as hell, Do I care , not a jot, life is god for me so it means I can be strong for anyone who needs me to be strong for and with them.

Anyway ......

Have Fun
The Odyssey hits the penultimate year , and I cannot pinpoint a new album that I bought last year just from memory, though lot's will jump out when I look at a list , but my memory has always been like that. Odd that I cannot remember actual facts , but I can remember how to find the facts I need to know. Someone once expressed shock to Einstein when they found out out he didn't know the speed of light, his retort , "What do I need to know that for, I can look it up in a book" , and that has been me all my life.

I should have thought it's a year sing me and my mate Chris were trying to get tickets for a non existent Royal Blood date at Newcastle Riverside ,  I could have chosen any track but Ten Tonne Skeleton is brilliant.

So go out and have a great Monday , it will soon be light , I can see the eastern sky brightening up.

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