Saturday, 14 November 2015

IT'S CUDDLE SATURDAY - TWO - #48 - 2004 - Streets - Dry Your Eyes

This morning I went out for the papers, shocked at the news coming in from Paris , knowing that the right wing media will turn this to stir up hate against refugees when it's their paymasters who are the initial instigators of this supplying weapons to anyone anyone who will play and top up their hedge funds . Simplistic view I know.

Anyway when I went out this morning it was bloody freezing , thank god it wasnt raining. A great way to combat this is is to cuddle someone and share body heat. Cuddles and hugs should really be the norm everyday. Some people may not be able to do this for one reason or another. Never think you don't deserve it. You deserve to feel wanted , loved and cared for and hugged. Someone will be there for you. Reach out to people , pick up a phone , communicate , text , meet for coffee or tea or a meal.. We all need me time , but we need us time even more, and it could be someone next door , in the same town , city , country and thanks to the internet the world. It can be lover , friend , family , neighbour , casual acquaintance , do it and put a smile on your face.

Tears of Sorrow and Joy
The Odyssey hits number forty eight and only two more posts til I hit my thousandth post on this blog. According to the stats there have been 97,000 page views so I think it's on course for 100K by the end of the year. The song hit me like a freight train one of the greatest break up songs ever , and it's white charver rap , still makes me cry. Mike Skinner is a genius , it's similar to the Wyclef Jean post I shared in post #42 last Sunday , shows what a sentiment wimp I really am. Anyway I've listened to "Dry Your Eyes" by The Streets about six times while writing this. I am welling up, and really need a hug.

So go out there , find someone to cuddle , you will feel much much better for it , you both will.

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