Thursday, 11 April 2019

#AprilSongs #11 Thursday's Child

Up to 11 now and for this Thursday am going with David Bowie's "Thursday's Child" the opening song from his "hours" album. I've found a live take from Paris 1999 for your delectation. "hours" is not one of my first division Bowie albums but , like all Bowie albums it's definitely worth diving into.

I'm having things done to my roof and am working from home, so this is just a short marking post. Probably the shortest post that I have done since I started blogging, but sometimes you just have to accept that you don't actually have enough words to actually fill up the page. Actually if you take the time you can always find words to just put on the page, maybe I could write a very short story with each post such as a man who has lost a cat and found a packet of cigarettes, benough enough of this madness, it's time to return to normalcy.

Enjoy your afternoon.

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