Wednesday, 3 April 2019

#AprilSongs #3 - Wednesday Week

I'm under a three day Facebook ban for posting an Instagram shot of the art on the wall at No 28 (here and you can see it on the site link), this is following a ban a couple of months ago when I shared a link from IMDB for the Peter Greenaway film "Drowning By Numbers" (you can see the image I was banned for on the link) , this is because of the pathetic fact that some people can find offense at absolutely anything and while male bodies are OK, females are totally out of bounds and must be fully covered, how ridiculously puritan. So I can't link this post to Facebook til they let me on.

Also Google+ has been withdrawn with no alternative that I can see so I can't actually share this post with any social media platform, so this may be my first post that doesn't get read by anybody, because even if you follow the blog you don't get notified of updates.

I've woken up to snow, which is just what I want when I found that my roof is leaking.

But to the main point of the post the #AprilSongs and today is the excellent "Wednesday Week" by The Undertones, and while I thought they were a more than decent band (and John Peel had "Teenage Kicks" as his all time Number One record) that's all they were to me with the odd song that raised them above the norm and Wednesday Week was one of the songs that did that.

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