Wednesday, 17 April 2019

#AprilSongs #17 Wednesday Evening Blues

For the #AprilSongs sequence I have been surprised how many options there are for each day. At the beginning I was sure "Blue Monday" by New Order would be in here, it probably won't. I though I may have to include the Inspector Morse / Endeavour Theme by Barrington Pheloung because Morse's boss in Endeavour has a surname of Thursday, but I have a long list of Thursday songs.

Today we are going with "Wednesday Evening Blues" by John Lee Hooker another blues song like the one we opened with "Stormy Monday Blues" by T-Bone Walker.

So as it is a Bank Holiday Weekend we are more than half way through the week and I am well past halfway in the #AprilSongs sequence, which has surprised me a little from when I first had the idea, though it goes to show you never know if something can be done until you actually try it.

I'm sure I will have other ideas to make me write, but for the rest of April this will keep me occupied.

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