Thursday, 4 April 2019

#AprilSongs #4 - Thursday Afternoon

I'm still on my Facebook ban for daring to share the Helmut Newton image on the wall of No 28 (see here as it is still on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, go figure) . A lot of people will call Facebook Fascists or whatever, but essentially Facebook is a club, and you can opt to be in or out and if you are in you HAVE to abide by their rules no matter how petty they may seem. You have to decide if the rules are worth the benefits of being a member, and I enjoy being able to know what friends are up to and being able to share things. I just thought the Newton picture with the lights looked great, and it is , in my opinion, a vision of empowerment.

Anyway today's post in the #AprilSongs sequence is the one hour long piece "Thursday Afternoon" by Brian Eno. This is not a song or even really a song , it has no tune, but is a go to album to go to sleep to, because it is their but does not demand your attention. Brian supposedly invented Ambient Music when he had put on an album but it was too quiet for him to hear properly, but he was too ill to actually get up and turn up the record. This then gave him the idea to just have sounds that did not demand the listener's attention but still added to the atmospherics of the situation.

Last night I was wondering if I could actually complete the #AprilSongs sequence so, as I don't have a decent MP3 catalogue I thought I'd try just using Windows Explorer to search based on the day, and it worked, so as long as I actually post something each day, which shouldn't really be a problem.

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