Tuesday, 16 April 2019

#AprilSongs #16 Groovy Tuesday

First time I hears The Smithereens it was a compilation and the song was "Behind The Wall of Sleep" which is fairly dark haunting American country rock with Lovecraftian overtones to the title, so today I am going for their excellent "Groovy Tuesday" which is just more of their excellent sound , brooding and not taking any prisoners.

The Smithereens are a band I've never seen but if they come back into my vicinity I will definitely make an effort. I do have an anthology in my collection, but it's one of those things having a large collection , it's seldom you accidentally come across new music because you usually buy an ablum for a particular reason.

It used to be great when you would get the loss leader samplers such as "Nice Enough To Eat" or "All Good Clean Fun" which meant you could get new music for little investment , then that would hook you to buy more.

I now need to do a post about samplers don't I ?

Have a great Tuesday.

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