Thursday, 18 April 2019

#AprilSongs #18 Thursday

Next in the #AprilSongs sequence is "Thursday" by The Pet Shop Boys ft Example. While I'm all for collaborations (check out FFS) sometimes it just seems to be about making the product more marketable to consumers rather than any artistic exploration and adventure.

I'm surprised The Pet Shop Boys have not appeared in the blog before as they are relatively local to me, and the finest purveyors of sequencer / arpeggiator based tunes probably ever , with a dry sense of humour and a sense of occasion. Example is the stage name of Elliot Gleave who extrapolated his name from his initials E.G. (exempli gratia ("for example")) so obviously more than a little intelligence on both sides.

So just a short post on this beautiful looking day (or it will be when the cloud completely burns off)

Enjoy your Thursday everybody.

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