Sunday, 7 April 2019

#AprilSongs #7 Sunday Evening

Continuing on in this sequence I've done the first week without being too obvious, and today is "Sunday Evening" by The Black Angels. On first listen you think 1960's Garage Psychedelia, but it's actually only five years old and I have a couple of their albums which I obviously need to revisit.

This is one of the problems with any music collection, you don't listen end to end, and very often will buy things then listen and forget or not even listen.. I am currently selling CDs that I wont play again on Discogs , I do actually like playing a single or album and share Vinyl Plays on my Instagram Channel under the tag #VitalVinyl

So today will be just relaxing though maybe a trip into town to get a few things, and maybe catch up on some TV shows, as well as possibly another blog post later on.

Just listening to 6Music interviewing to an artist talking about the last album they "streamed" , not listened to, and that is part of the problem that at times people don't really listen, but that has been with us since the advent of CD allowing us to program and skip stuff we didn't like or were bored with. Don't get me wrong I love the convenience of digital, but sometimes taking away the controls from you is a good thing which is why I listen to the Radio and Vinyl.

Enjoy your Sunday

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