Sunday, 28 April 2019

There WAS a DIN

I'm so impressed with my new record player from RPM (which you can see in actione here)  I began to think of using my networked digital music through it to see how it performs and maybe even my DVD Audio which could be awesome.

One problem , no input although Marek told me there was one. The was a TAPE socket but it was blocked with a metal plug, until Marek told me to go and look again, amd sure enough , I'd missed the fact that it was a five pin DIN socket. Now seriously I  don't think I've ever used one since I was a teenager but it looks like I will be using one again.

At first I though of connecting it to a Bluetooth receiver but then I thought ,why not just plug it into the digital player and just remove another potential failure point. So I went to the garage and looked in my cable box and there wasn't one but I also thought that's full of cables and plugs that I have never ever used and probably never will , so I think it needs disposing of.

Too many times we keep things "just in case" and they just take up space and rot.

So what to play other than "Good Technology" by Red Guitars. Ironically their "America and Me" was one of the first pieces of vinyl I bought in this second phase as it wasn't available digitally. They are still very difficult to track down with vinyl being the safest option, I could find any download or streaming options, but they are an excellent band.

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