Friday, 12 April 2019

Coincidentally ... A Book

I'm currently reading "The White Wolf's Son" the third in a vaguely Elric trilogy by Michael Moorcock following on from "The Dreamthief's Daughter" and "The Skrayling Tree" (he does like an indefinite article does Mr Moorcock). I've seen this book described as both the worst and the best he has written and while it is in my opinion neither it is certainly enjoyable in the first fifty or so pages.

The amazing thing is that it is set in North Yorkshire, Ingleton to be precise but close to Settle and Ingleborough which both feature in the book, and it also mentions the Beatles playing Preston. Now firstly there is the coincidence of it featuring somewhere I have recently holidayed and the place I was born , but tonight I was watching a documentary about Chas and Dave and when Chas Hodges was in The Outlaws (with Ritchie Blackmore) the supported the Beatles in Preston (I saw it on a gig poster) so that is another coincidence.

Of course if I hadn't been reading the book I would probably not have made the connection, but just another example of things falling together to create another coincidence.

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